Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Rattlesnake

The rattlesnakes are out. Last week I saw the first rattlesnake of the year, he was nervous and afraid, like they always are when they first emerge in the spring.

I stood about twenty feet away and talked to him in a calm voice. I apologized for disturbing him. I didn't leave until he calmed down because I know I will run into him again, I don't want him to remember me with fear.
Rattlesnakes are respectful beings and only rattle so that you know they are there, but I like to be on the friendly side with them anyway. I've noticed that since I started talking to the Rattlesnakes that they are much calmer around me, and usually just rattle for a second so I see them and then they go on with whatever they were doing before. Hopefully this will be the only time he thinks he needs to coil up and prepare to strike when he sees me.

Here he is after I talked to him and he realized I didn't mean harm.

I am happy to have Rattlesnakes in my life, they have much to teach about living.


- N - said...

Honestly speaking I love snakes. And its sad that many are killed only because people dont know that they dont mean any harm unless they feel threatened!

john petter said...

I had never seen this before.
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PoppySilverUK said...

Amazing to see such beauty! Nothing like that here, so always a pleasure to see :) xoxo