Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Break the Chains - A poem

Painting by Mike Worrall

Break the Chains

On a pedestal
captured in a maze
goddess sits with eyes closed
deep healing sounds of the cello soar
nature lies beyond this entrapment

lost in the turnings
trapped souls lost
search for meaning

she sings

in the song are secrets
needed for escape
from these boundaries

hear her song
breaking civilization's chains

Copywrite DesertDreamer

Monday, December 19, 2011

This is My Planet Too - A Poem

An image I created based on a photo of my shadow.

This is My Planet Too
Poem based on an Interview with Derrick Jensen.

Impending collapse
car culture running out of oil
nowhere to retreat
living in an abstract society
few have real life skills
are we doomed?

Collective denial
environmental crisis
on the news we hear instead
latest fashion
celebrity gossip
corporations control the planet
and you want to talk about sports?

Culture based on destroying the land
culture based on using up non renewable resources
culture based on a lie
the earth is a finite place
a life based on infinite resources cannot last
and you sit here watching a "reality" show
did you learn about reality?

The system is rigged against those who love the land
against those who care about future life
when environmentalists use an existing law to stop the destruction
the laws are changed by those in power
what meaning are laws if they are changed when convenient?

we live in a destructive culture
we live in a blind culture
to quiet us they feed us bright green lies
telling us solar panels and windmills
will bring relief to the environmental crisis
Did you see the open pit mine?

We will need more of those pits in order to build the structures
blow up all the mountains to sake your thirst for power
is that better than a polluted sky?
do you like the world better without its surface beauty?
do you like the taste of contaminated water?

If you lived on your own planet I wouldn't care
but this is my planet, too
there are trees, bees, butterflies
flowers, birds, elephants
do all the living things need to sacrifice their home
so you can turn on your lights?

We have to stop killing the planet
We have to find another way to live
or we won't be living at all.

Copyright Desert Dreamer

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Earth Maiden - A Poem

 Image based on the Norse mythical eight legged horse named Sleipnir.

Giant earth maiden
black hair twisted into braids
rusty double-edged sword
her skill unsurpassed

When she rode on the back of
an unusual eight legged steed *
we heard melodic thunder
saw clouds of a purple hue

when she ends her long ride
rain falls from a brilliant blue sky
clouds dance with a life of their own
accepting her natural ability
her art a mirror of the world

I have a sincere feeling
her technique of calling down the rain
is not appreciated

Twisted judgment
name her sorceress and witch in private
fake withering society
label our experience
trite Lilliputian hallucination
offer drugs to end enlightened visions

I saw a perceptive lavender sky
wistfully saying goodbye
axiomatic in her presence
she brings the rain

I see her lopsided smile
as she greets two ravens
who flap their wings overhead
uttering gnomic pronouncements
words that communicate disaster
With her departure
the land will become dry
no longer will we see
her unprompted show of strength
abstract dance of thunder and rain

I heard people jeering
mocking her style
incomprehensibilities of modern society
flipping coins instead of admiring reality
designing unending throwaway products
creating gadgets with flip-flop technology
thoughtlessly glib
spouting insults
to those who live in balance with nature
calling them fallacious and evil

With forbearance
she rides away

© 2011 Desert Dreamer

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wrong Awakening - A poem

Wrong Awakening

Tower reflect human spirits

As objects
Trees crowded out
By buildings
Human minds connected
To machines

Metamorphosis of meaning
Dissolution of spirit
Metropolis of decay

Trapped within their own creations
Even in sleep she cries out for release

Bright clouds bring hope for your escape
Concrete cracked by unseen armies
Roots of trees patiently strangle
Machines that were wrongly awakened
Freedom arrives slowly

© 2011 Desert Dreamer

Poem inspired by the artwork shown titled "Wrong Awakening" by Peter Gric.