Sunday, December 18, 2011

Earth Maiden - A Poem

 Image based on the Norse mythical eight legged horse named Sleipnir.

Giant earth maiden
black hair twisted into braids
rusty double-edged sword
her skill unsurpassed

When she rode on the back of
an unusual eight legged steed *
we heard melodic thunder
saw clouds of a purple hue

when she ends her long ride
rain falls from a brilliant blue sky
clouds dance with a life of their own
accepting her natural ability
her art a mirror of the world

I have a sincere feeling
her technique of calling down the rain
is not appreciated

Twisted judgment
name her sorceress and witch in private
fake withering society
label our experience
trite Lilliputian hallucination
offer drugs to end enlightened visions

I saw a perceptive lavender sky
wistfully saying goodbye
axiomatic in her presence
she brings the rain

I see her lopsided smile
as she greets two ravens
who flap their wings overhead
uttering gnomic pronouncements
words that communicate disaster
With her departure
the land will become dry
no longer will we see
her unprompted show of strength
abstract dance of thunder and rain

I heard people jeering
mocking her style
incomprehensibilities of modern society
flipping coins instead of admiring reality
designing unending throwaway products
creating gadgets with flip-flop technology
thoughtlessly glib
spouting insults
to those who live in balance with nature
calling them fallacious and evil

With forbearance
she rides away

© 2011 Desert Dreamer


sharonlee said...

Now this is epic... I love the power & potency of this poem!


Anonymous said...

What Sharonlee said. Epic is most definitely the right word!

Desert Dreamer said...

Thank you Sharonlee and Pendantry.