Monday, June 20, 2011

Closed My Eyes to See - a poem

At sunrise
closed my eyes to see
the world of sound
Cardinal calls out "Ether Ether"
blue water appears
becomes a tree of many branches
ancient bark patterns moving
"Ether Ether"
again, the rippling waters
this time condensing into a face
I see eyes staring back at me
ancient face
eyes full of wisdom
"Ether Ether"
blue waters
a single eye approaches
I open my eyes

At the setting of the sun
I reach out
touch the leaves
smell earthy scents
hear quiet voices
plants speak quickly
words flashing by
so many expressions
noise buzzing
like children
crying out to be heard
speaking faster and faster
louder and louder
I get dizzy

At night
open eyes to hear
stars speak
secrets spoken slowly
long drawn out syllables
sacred sound
universe sings
when I look at the stars

Art - Hand representing connection to the world #2

© 2011 Desert Dreamer

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Anonymous said...

I'm not at all clear on your message, but I do like this - especially the ending.