Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soul Dancer

Two Queen butterflies

Death arrived unannounced
I offered him my soul

I wandered
Throughout the land
In a field of wildflowers
I heard a whisper
“Your soul will be scattered like pollen”
A rusty red butterfly appeared singing praises
To the bringer of souls
The source of all flowers

I followed the blazing Queen
To a blossom emanating hues of a glorious sunset
Inside the fiery depths I recognized myself
I ran from flower to flower
In each open bloom
I found fragments of my surrendered soul

Intoxicated by beauty
I Abandoned these lost bits of soul
Mine no longer
I embraced everything

That which I call my self
Seemed to expand and grow
Reaching beyond the customary boundaries of the flesh
The border separating me from nature dissolved
I consist of everything the world consists of

My departed soul had revealed itself
Bits of my soul danced in the form of butterflies
On the wings of a Gulf Fritillary a dream was born
My whole being responded with joy
My mood was expressed as a bright blue sky

I looked to the heavens
Gazed into myself
Saw my soul everywhere
A spellbound dreamer awakens

© 2010 Desert Dreamer

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